moving soon but still island life

Time flies fast. I have been in Phuket for over 7 months. I’m still in tourist mode but somewhat get used to the life here.

On the boat, the Thai people including the cooking lady and boat boys get used to my face i think. They even make fun, joke sometimes even though we have no idea what each other was talking about. I guess the smile is more powerful than word sometimes? The cooking lady always saves bananas for me and my students on the way back to mainland. The boat boys now know my short-term memory, that i often forget to wear my dive watch or forget to take the Gopro with me, even few times i forgot my snorkel T_T (i think i need a new brain, is it on sale anywhere?). They know so they even remind me to get all my stuff before jumping into water.

The girl at the bubble tea store knows me too. She knows my favorite flavor of bubble tea and i always ask for extra bubbles. Yesterday she gave me more bubbles than normal that it made me feel like i had enough bubbles for few days (i literally drink bubble tea everyday haha).

Now i know quite many coffee shops that have affogato. I know some coffee shops that have really good coffee, strong and flavorful, like Vietnamese coffee.

And now i’m about to leave this island. I’m not going to talk about why i leave, because sooner or later it will become my past. I’m eager and a bit afraid of what future holds in Panglao, Philippines. When people heard i’m heading to Philippines, people said I’m brave. I am not.

I guess I am just curious and I don’t have anything to lose.

If there is any chance you stop by Panglao, the beautiful island in Philippines, please let me know, give me a hello, i’d love to show you around.

*from a Vietnamese girl, addicted to exploring the blue with a single breath*

Happy Lunar New Year!


It has been a while since my last post. I have lost my interest in writing, something I am not really good at.

Anyways, for over a year or so, I have become a freediving instructor. It was a tough decision to be made back then when I was sitting on my office chair, knowing that I would not have these nice stuff for a long time, such as air con, comfy couch, teabreak, promotion, etc. Instead, I have the sun, the sea, the wave and my proud mask-tanned line.

This is a tough life though, but I love what I am doing. In the early 30s, right now I still wonder what I am doing in this life. I have made way less money than before. I have had way more happiness at work than before. On the other hand, I am broke, financially.

Anyways, another year has started, a year of the dog. Here in Phuket, there is no sea dogs, aka lovely seals. Instead, I have these cuties, the nemo. I wish you all who passed by my blog a prosperous coming year, a coming year full of love and luck.

Do what you love. Love what you do.

No bubbles. No troubles.


And bonus, hello from Mr Turtle.


I have missed my baking kitchen so much. Here in Phuket, I am living in a small studio that is just enough for one person. I have few basic cooking tools, a pot, a non-stick pan, a small fridge, a microwave, some utensils. Recently I fancy myself bought a blender, and it also includes a food processor. It is not really strong but good enough to do more fun stuff in my tiny kitchen.

This situation makes me find the way to make healthy no-bake stuff. For example, once I made Microwave Apple Crumble in a healthy version.


  • 2 big Fuji apples
  • some dried fruits and nuts – walnut, almond, cashew, macadamia…
  • few slices of pineapple
  • 2 tbsp of honey
  • 2 tsp of cinnamon
  • a dash of salt
  • 1 tbsp of lemon juice
  • 4 wholewheat biscuits/crackers


  • Peel apples and slice them.
  • Mix 1.5 apples with lemon juice.
  • Applesauce: use the food processor to blend these – half of an apple, pineapple, 1 tsp cinnamon, salt, honey, a bit of dried fruits (i used 1 tbsp of raisins and dates)
  • Mix the applesauce with the sliced apple and microwave in 3 mins, medium power. I am not sure about this point, but mine was not too hot.
  • Crumbles: use the food processor to chop nuts. My version of crumbles included chopped nuts, 1 tsp of cinnamon, biscuits that is broken into small pieces.

Now top the crumbles on the warm apple mixture and it is ready. You can fancy with a scoop of ice cream. But I had an affogato coffee (espresso with ice cream) earlier on the same day, so I tried to stay healthy. Maybe next time.

A week in Cambodia – Phnom Penh and Siem Reap

We arrived in Phnom Penh on Saturday. We supposed to see the city life on weekend and enjoyed it. But it ended up nobody was in Phnom Penh and all restaurants and shops closed since that was the 3rd day of Khmer New Year.


US dollar is accepted everywhere. However, do keep some small dollar (1, 2 or 5) for more convenient, such as tuk tuk to the hotel, snacks, drinks, toilet, etc.

1 USD = 4000 riels. The exchange rate is the same everywhere.


We took a bus from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh, then Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. 6-7usd per person. That’s cheap in comaprison with flight ticket. Besides, for flight, you have to go to the airport at least an hour or 2 hours for international flight, plus waiting time for luggage. Ho Chi Minh – Phnom Penh took us 7 hours. Phnom Penh – Siem Reap took us 5 hours.

Happy Khmer New Year! Nobody in Phnom Penh!

We used this company We bought tickets and paid online, just needed to present at their office 15 mins before departure time. They do not provide pick-up service.

The bus from Ho Chi Minh was pretty hot (the weather outside was very hot too). Both were clean and had air con. They provided snacks, 1 small bottle of water and 1 wet tissue. The guide can speak English well.

In Phnom Penh, they have 2 stations – one in the Japanese area, one next to the river. Our bus going to Siem Reap was at the station next to the river. Do check with them or you can ask the hotel to call them to check for you.

The bus station in Siem Reap is a bit far from the city center. You should get a tuk tuk right there to get into the city. We paid $5 since we didn’t know how far it is to go to our hostel. But we supposed it should be cheaper since it was not really far, just 10 mins.

In both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, we went around by tuk tuk. It costs 1-2usd for the distance about 1-2km for 2 people. We always had to pay at least $2 and it’s kinda expensive for just 1km but no tuk tuk drivers accepts $1 or $1.5 just because we had 2 people.

In Siem Reap, since we stayed longer, at night we rent a bicycle to explore the city night life. $2 per day for 1 bicycle. If your hotel does not have bicycles for rent, it’s easy to find many stores along the streets offering bicycles.


In Phnom Penh, we stayed near the Russian market (not really near, it was around 1km and took us $2 to get there by tuk tuk).

3pm outside the Russian market in Phnom Penh

In Siem Reap, we stayed along the river, around 1km away from the night market. Not bad.

1km is not bad for walking, but during daytime, the temperature was over 40 C, we prefered tuk tuk! Anyway both places are quiet. There are always many choices for you on Agoda,, Airbnb, etc. Room rate is approximately $20-25 per night for 2 in a hostel. Be careful with very low room rate, they are often fan room, no air con. But air con is a MUST, at least for us.

In both places, there were no 7eleven nearby, but no worries, those touristy towns have many convenient stores for us to buy anything we want just in walking distance.


For me, Cambodian cuisine is good, but not really special. $5-7 per meal per person in both cities. $2 a beer. Angkor beer is better than Cambodia beer. I like their salad, curry and fried rice with pineapple. $1 a smoothie in Siem Reap, very delish.

crispy pancake with cream and coconut flakes in Russian market (Phnom Penh), 4 for $1

Bubble tea (or milk tea with pearl, boba tea) is popular in Phnom Penh, but no bubble tea in Siem Reap. In case you want to try it, try KOI cafe in Phnom Penh since you cannot find it in Siem Reap. KOI is pretty good. I like their konjac milk tea and pearl milk tea.

In case you want a Western taste, here are some recommendations:

Phnom Penh, Brooklyn Pizza & Bistro (near Russian market) – they have super delicious pizza. A large size is perfect for 2. The link on Tripadvisor will give you a better look about Brooklyn Pizza. I wish I had time to try more. The restaurant is pretty busy at dinner time. You may want to book a table before you come.

Phnom Penh, myBurgerLab Norodom (next to KOI cafe) – very good black burger. $2 for a mini. $3-5 for a normal size. Buy a bubble tea and bring it to the burger. Perfect!

Siem Reap, Viva  (in night market) – easy to find it since it’s big and red. Awesome Mexican food. The plate is big for ladies. $4-8 per dish. Great nachos, burrito, enchilada, and good magarita too.


It’s crazy hot for sure. But if you plan to go to any temple, pagoda, royal palace, make sure to wear clothes that cover shoulders and knees at least or do bring a scarf (as I did at Royal Palace but going to the top of Angkor Wat scarf is unacceptable). An umbrella helps a lot too. Do wear your most comfort walking shoes/sandals since you’re going to walk a lot.


Phnom Penh

1 day – Killing field, Toul Sleng Genocide Museum, lunch, Royal Palace & Silver Pagoda. Those historical places are worth to visit.

Half day – National Stadium, Central Market. Even though I was not in the shopping mood, but I wanted to see the Central Market, the real daily city life. Central Market is a real shopping place for local people I suppose. Since Phnom Penh has many branded stores but I didn’t see anyone there.

Siem Reap

We bought a 3 day Angkor ticket but we spent 2 days and rest the last day. Since after the 2nd day, we felt small temples are just similar and not special.

To get to the temple area which is 10km from the city center, you need to book a tuk tuk for whole day (from $15 for the small red round and $18 for the big green round, including the price for sunrise or sunset). Since tuk tuk is not allowed to go inside the temple area unless tuk tuk has guests. As my tuk tuk told me (not sure if it was correct), it is a one way street from left to right.

1st day – sunrise at Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom.

To catch the sunrise, we had to leave at 4:30am to the museum to buy the ticket then go to Angkor Wat. It was a pain to wake up at 4am, but it was totally worth it.


Angkor Wat is not big on the map comparing with Angkor Thom, but it’s still pretty big walk just straightly from the front to the back. Walking way to the back gate, you will go through the long path that has big trees alongside, then there is a ruined gate and wall, pass it, there is a lake on the left.

If you don’t want to wake up early, you can enjoy the sunset at Angkor Wat. I did it 4 years ago, it was really nice but it was much more crowded. Since it’s easier to go for sunset than sunrise.

Bayon, Angkor Thom
View from the (almost) top of Bayon

Angkor Thom is really huge and Bayon is the biggest one inside Angkor Thom. If there are some people who follow you and explain/introduce about the temples (they are not the guides) then 100% they ask for money at the end.

We finished both at almost 1pm and were exhausted by the heat.

2nd day – Ta Prohm (Tomb Raider) and some small temples

Ta Prohm is so amazing. For me, Angkor Wat, Bayon (Angkor Thom) and Ta Prohm are all you need to see if you don’t have much time and can be done in one day.

Since Ta Prohm is such an awesome place for tourists, if possible, you should wake up a bit early and get here early to avoid tourist groups (always has some groups that ruin your photo).

just simply amazing

Ta Prohm is famous with many big trees, and is well known as a location to film the Hollywood movie Tomb Raider.

getting lost inside Ta Prohm
Can you spot the smiling face of an apsara between the tree roots?

3rd day – (suggestion) sunset at Phnom Bakheng (30mins climbing to the hill top) and others

We were suggested to go to Phnom Bakheng on 3rd day for the sunset. The temple is in French style, different from others we saw. You may want to consider if you have time.

Night life

Night market and the Pub Street – There are many many bars, pubs, restaurants, desserts, 7eleven and convenient stores, pharmacies, etc. Everything you want and need there. And you can wear whatever you want!

Packing list for 3 weeks in Cambodia and Thailand

This summer my friend and I decided to spend 24 days in Cambodia and Thailand. We had 7 days in Cambodia and the rest in Thailand including Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Krabi. The biggest question before every trip is “What should I pack?”. I know we all have the same feeling that we want to bring our closet with us. However, if you want to travel light, maybe you can have an idea with my packing list as follows:

Main backpack

Clothing: I suggest all clothes should be dry-fast

  • shirts (all short sleeves): 5 normal, 1 sport (but it should better be 4 normal, 2 sport)
  • tank tops: 2 sport
  • pants: 1 sport knee length (for temples and pagodas or you cannot get in)
  • shorts: 1 running shorts, 2 denims
  • underwear: 7 (can sink wash, since guys can just flip inside out haha, ladies’ underwears are small and dont take much space, I ended up bring 7)
  • bra: 3 normal, 1 sport bra
  • socks: 4 pairs (or less if you don’t plan to use shoes much)
  • sleepwear: 1 (because sometimes I may use my tank top and shorts as sleepwear too)
  • swimsuit: 1
  • hat
  • towel: 1 travel towel, 1 face towel
  • shoes: 1 slippers, 1 walking/running shoes, 1 trekking shoes (because we planned to have some hiking and trekking, mine is actually a city trail running shoes). If you don’t plan to hike/trek, you may want a good walking sandals instead.


  • bandages
  • medical oil
  • pills for cold, headage, pain, diarrhea, carsickness
  • multivitamins and electrolytes (April is super hot, multivitamins and electrolytes do help us A LOT)


  • shampoo, body wash, hair conditioner in travel size
  • hair comb
  • deodorant
  • nail clippers
  • razors
  • perfume in travel size
  • toothbrush and toothpaste, floss, mouthwash in travel size
  • feminine hygiene product
  • cotton swabs
  • detergent in small bottle for sink wash or you can just use shampoo/body wash

Carry-on backpack

  • all important documentations: passport and copies, travel insurance, cash, etc
  • all electronic stuff: laptop, camera, kindle, and chargers, external harddrive, etc
  • some more stuff: suncreen, anti-mosquito lotion, hand sanitizer, tissues and wet tissues, sunglasses, scarf (in case it’s cold on plane), mini flashlight

Fins bag (for carry-on & for diving): fins, mask, snorkel

April is the hottest month in a year in both Cambodia and Thailand. In Cambodia, the temp was around 37-39 C. In Thailand, the temp in Bangkok and Chiang Mai was around 41 C daytime. The temp in Krabi was as in Cambodia. Even though we were prepared ourselves mentally for the heat but we were very tired after half day staying outside. Do keep yourself hydrated by drinking alot of water and electrolytes.

If you dont want to check in your bag, dont bring the Swiss knife. I brought my mini Swiss knife which has a mini knife, so I had to check in my big backpack.

I didn’t use the cover for my backpack. After the Siem Reap – Bangkok flight, there was a really heavy rain (but it was quick) right before the flight took off, and when I got my checkin backpack in Bangkok, it was totally wet. My clothes inside were wet too. Lesson learnt.

I ended up with 3 bags: 1 checkin and 2 carry-on including my fins bag.

I always washed my underwears and bras myself. Most of the time if I could, I also washed my shirts, especially sport clothings myself because they are fast-dry. Laundry in Cambodia and Thailand is cheap, 1kg 1usd. Sometimes there are washing machines nearby to use by coins. Very convenient.

7eleven is everywhere and has everything I need. 7eleven and Family mart are always in walking distance.

If you plan to travel around South East Asia, you may want to consider the Airasia Asean Pass. 10 credit for 30 days. 20 credits for 60 days. 1 credit is equal to 1 flight less than 2 hours. 30/60 days will start from the first redeemed flight. So it’s a must to redeem your first flight first. More information as the Asean Pass as follows:

Airasia Asean Pass

Pros: cheaper than buying individual flight tickets (remember to buy in MYR, it’s cheaper than buying in USD). The fare and fee is very cheap (4-5USD for domestic flight and about 30USD for international flight).

Cons: have to redeem the flight at least 14 days prior the flight, seats for AAP are limited on each flight. It was a bit annoying that I could not redeem my flight from Chiang Mai to Krabi. But I could redeem the flights Chiang Mai – Bangkok and Bangkok – Krabi. It took more time and effort due to all the checkout and checkin processes.

However, if you want to travel without plan, the Asean Pass may not be for you. Since it requests you basically plan your trip and book the flight at least 2 weeks before departure date. It’s kind of annoying when we all want to stay in one place as long as we want then decide where we should head to later. But I guess C’est la vie, we cannot have everything.

It’s already too long now. I will continue about my trip in another post.

Anyway that’s how I prepared for my trip and it worked for me. I hope it helps for your preparation somehow.



Tet is at the corner

Time flies fast! A year just passed as a wink!

Last year I dedicated for the ocean and beaches. In December, I had a short escape to Phu Quoc island again, the 3rd time in a year.


I was so lucky to meet a big family of nudi branches. Super super cute of them!

First time ever I knew to be swept away by a strong current. Pretty terrified! And I got scratches (and scars now) by corals when I tried to go through some caves. I should have worn a full-length wetsuit. Nonetheless, I had such a great time there – 3 days for freediving from the North to the South of the island, swimming between the cloud of fishes


or swimming right between the mysteric beautiful seaweed


or like this


This year seems to be dedicated for the land! As my goals for every year basically are

  • do something never done before
  • go to somewhere never been there before

So I just got my very first half marathon medal of my very first race!


Before the race, the longest distance I’ve ever run was 16km. I was so worried and only hope that I could finish it. Finally I made it in 2h50 with very limit walking only whenever I fueled myself. It’s not bad for the first time.

A year ago, even though I was always an active person, I never thought I could ever run non-stop 10km.


You know, I’m just half crazy. I’m gonna be full crazy someday! Since only our minds limit us!

In coming months, I will be joining some fun trail races for just 10km. But for sure, it will be lots of funs and the scenes are obviously amazing.

I miss the ocean tho. Maybe I will soon get to the beach…

Another best year to come!

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. “Walt Disney”


Happy holidays!

My friends and I made a short video to celebrate Xmas in freediver’s style. On the shooting day, it was 75F outside and the water was even colder. We were almost frozen mermaids. Anyway it was a really fun time tho.

<Please turn on your speaker for the fun music of the video 🙂 Thank you so much to the cameraman and the editor, who are super busy due to year-end season at work and still spared their time and put so lots of effort to finish this.>

People are worried too much about what they eat between Christmas and New Year. But they actually should be worried about what they eat between New Year and Christmas.

Let’s just eat, drink, and be merry!


Happy holidays to you and yours!

Backpacker’s life. Diver’s life. Adventurer’s life. Single girl’s life (part 1)

Two days before departure:

My biggest plan of the year broke suddenly and I couldn’t be more disappointed. On a beautiful Friday morning, within an hour I decided to go to Bali again with a group of divers who I knew no one before. All paid.

Flight ticket: booked. Hotel: booked.

Bali, here I come, again 🙂 No more hard feelings.

The night before departure: Packing – one of the hardest part of a girl’s trip I think, to decide what to bring and what not to bring.

I only had 7kg of hand carry-on luggage for 7 days ahead. What to bring?

  • Shoes/Sandals: 1 pair of running shoes (for lots of walking and trekking day); 1 pair of flip flops
  • 1 swimsuit + 1 swimming goggles
  • Tops: 2 running tank tops; 4 tank tops; 1 sport bra; 3 normal bra; 1 light scarf and 1 light running jacket
  • Bottom: 1 running shorts (just because I don’t have any beach shorts and the running shorts is fast dry); 1 long yoga pants (for trekking day); 2 shorts; 1 mini sport skirt (all of these could be pair with either my running shoes and flip flops); and travel underwears 😉
  • Travel towel
  • Hi-tech stuff: Canon D30 for underwater shooting, Leica D-lux 6 for normal shooting, cellphone, Kindle paperwhite, chargers for all, earphone
  • Dive logbook and diving certification card
  • Beauty stuff (all in travel size): deodorant, cleansing oil, shampoo and body shampoo, lip palm, lip stick, etc.
  • Personal medical treatments.

I packed all in my large and light backpack. I also packed 1 small trekking backpack and my running belt. I wore the running belt most of the time I moved. It could store my passport and boarding pass, money, earphone.

Day 1:

Breakfast on the go. Morning flight from HCM to Kualar Lumpur.

Lunch at Kualar Lumpur airport. I still had time to grab a coffee for myself.

Then afternoon flight from Kualar Lumpur to Denpasar, Bali.

Arrived at 9pm. Dinner at 10pm. Then 1,5hrs more on bus heading to Tulamben where my new friends and I would spend 3 full days for diving only.

12am. Tulamben here we are.


Day 2:

Tulamben, on the East of Bali island, is a world known site for divers. Along the East side of the island, there are total 17 dive sites from South to North.


We all were too tired for sunrise dive.

The sun was high when we woke up
The sun was high when we woke up

8am, 1st dive: Suci place, shore dive.

According to the place we stayed, Matahari Tulamben Resort

2012-2013 Matahari Tulamben Resort started to create a new Divespot just in front of the resort.
Depth 9 to 17 m. Beside the figures of “Buddha”, his mother, the goddess “Dewi Tara”, “Sleeping Ganesha”, you will find different artifacts. In the meantime the place is not only popular for divers. A lot of fishes, net murane, cleaners and critters found a new home and like this place very much. Even Mola Mola and Eagle ray have been there already.

Buddha underwater

IMG_0623I wish my camera could be better… So most of following photos are taken by my friends and marked their names. They took awesome photos, way better than mine..

Now you see the difference…

11am, 2nd dive: USS Liberty shipwreck, shore dive – top 10 of best diving sites in the world 🙂 a must-go dive site when you visit Bali as a diver

the ship
the ship

According to Wikipedia

USAT Liberty was a United States Armycargo ship torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-166 in January 1942 and beached on the island of Bali. She had been built as a Design 1037 ship for the United States Shipping Board in World War I and had served in the United States Navy in that war as animal transport USS Liberty (ID-3461). She was also notable as the first ship constructed at Federal Shipbuilding, Kearny, New Jersey. In 1963 a volcanic eruption moved the ship off the beach, andLiberty‍ ’​s wreck is now a popular dive site.

Butterfly fish
Butterfly fish
Coral cod
Coral cod
beuatiful sea turtle
beautiful sea turtle

(to be cont.)