101 things to love about Vietnam

Don’t know why phở and bun bo Hue are not in the list. It’s a signature! It’s a must to be in the list!

Link to Word Vietnam, one of my favourite magazine.

Therefore I’ll give phở as no. Zero which is higher than no. 1 😛

I’ll quickly list here few things that are my favourites

#0. Phở and Bun bo Hue

#31. Rice wine

Ruou de, ruou chuoi, ruou can, ruou nep, ruou thuoc, ruou mo qua, ruou go den… The list of ruou, or rice wine, peculiar to Vietnam goes on. And if you want to drink your ruou with style, the Son Tinh range out of Hanoi is the way to go — apricot, red plum, white ginseng, Minh Mang and passion fruit. They’ve even got their own selection of cocktail recipes. Devil’s fart, anyone?

I don’t like alcohol drinks honestly. I only want to drink with my best friends or people I’m close with. But I have to admit that some home-brewed wines from fruits are really impressive, including cocoa wine in Mekong Delta and red plum wine in North West Vietnam. They’re not too strong, not too sweet. OMG, try one shot then I dare you to resist the second one!

#33. Floating markets in Mekong Delta

Shiny purple eggplants, squat squash and furry zucchini bob on spindly poles far above the jumble of boats and people vying for river space in the Mekong Delta’s floating markets. In the cool dawn light, sellers and patrons jump skilfully from boat to boat — buying, selling and haggling over the day’s fresh produce.

#2. Coconuts

They drop on your head. Fortunately their contents can also drop in your mouth, although you need to open them first. In Vietnam coconuts are cheap, nutritious and very, very tasty.

from Word Vietnam

If you go to Mekong Delta, you should try coconut that has pandan flavor.

#3. Cafe

Yes, yes, yes and yes. I’m addicted to coffee. 1-2 cups everyday for over 11 years. I bring Vietnamese coffee whenever I go abroad.

Coffee shop in Sai Gon is fantastic in styles.

#40. Bia hoi

Street beer in Ha Noi.

#48. Ca phe phin

It’s a must for me every morning with daddy.

#52. Banh mi

My breakfast, quite often.

#72. The tones

Dau sac, dau huyen, dau nang, dau hoi, dau nga, khong dau… Master the tones, and you’re speaking what some linguists call one of the most difficult languages in the world. Fail to get your tones right and you’ll get smiles, laughter and just won’t be understood. Vietnamese is a melody, a set of melodies, and the tones are the notes. Understand that and you’ll be singing in no time.

Haha yes, Vietnamese language is crazy! But no worries, many of my good friends who are Canadian, American, French can master it.

#84. Phu Quoc

#91. Free wifi

Yeah! Everywhere!

#92. Very cheap 3G

And pretty bad signal!

Hope you enjoy the article.



3 thoughts on “101 things to love about Vietnam

  1. Ruou nep, rượu nếp, is very good. Sweet, subtle, velvet. You should try a sip or two. I will not make you drunk, unless you drink a lot. Do not confuse with ruou de, rượu đế, this wine can knock you out easily.


    1. Agreed! Rượu nếp than, sữa chua nếp than is my forever favorite dessert. Once I had a huge bowl of sua chua nep than instead of having dinner and had a very good sleep after until next morning :”) My family often makes cơm rượu too ^^ (not really alcoholic)

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