100km-pedaling day, Sunday funday

One more time I again pushed myself to step out my comfort zone. And first time ever, 100km on a bicycle!

100km on a bicycle sounds scary but intriguing, said one of my friend who is a marathon trainer. I did it. The thing I never thought I could.

I don’t feel sore at my butt or my back, just dehydrated due to the heat. And my thumbs are painful now, don’t know why 😦

4 thoughts on “100km-pedaling day, Sunday funday

    1. Con không có đạp liên tục 100km đâu cô Tám ơi, con nghỉ nhiều lần á 😛 trong nhóm con tham gia có bác kia 78 tuổi, mà còn rất rất khỏe luôn, vô cùng nể phục.

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