How many types of tea do I have at my desk?

Once my colleague asked me that question. Well, I actually don’t know 😀

I like Twinings the most – taste, smell, color and flavor – all is worth the price, but it’s still expensive for a person who has 2 bags everyday, then Twinings becomes kinda fancy treat for just 1-2 times per week. Besides I have Ahmad, Dilmah and Phuc Long. Phuc Long has become pretty popular in Southern Vietnam few years ago.

Let’s see…

  • Twinings Earl Grey
  • Twinings Rosehip and Hibiscus black tea
  • Ahmad Burst Blackcurrant black tea
  • Ahmad Peach and Passion fruit black tea
  • Ahmad Mint Mystique black tea
  • Ahmad Lime and Lemon black tea
  • Ahmad English Breakfast black tea
  • Dilmah Peppermint black tea
  • Phuc Long Oolong tea
  • Phuc Long Green tea
  • Phuc Long Rosebud black tea

Total: 11 now 😉

Among all of those flavors, I like Earl Grey the most. I don’t know why. And among all brands, I like Twinings Earl Grey the most. I still don’t know why.

I also like Genmaicha, Japanese green tea with roasted rice, light flavor and very special taste that makes me miss my mom. I don’t know why. I like Genmaicha of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. But it is super expensive in comparison with Twinings. 20$ for an aluminum box of 20 bags. I don’t buy it. Sometimes I hang out with my friends there and have a cup of tea for 2.5$. Good tea, nice place, good time with best friends.

Among all of those flavors, I have to admit that Dilmah Peppermint is the worst. The taste is very weird. I don’t like it. But it’s good for my bloating stomach. Yuck!

Ahmad Mint Mystique tastes like toothpaste, but still way better than Peppermint.

Burst Blackcurrant and Peach are cool. All fruit tea is fun I think 😉 Sometimes I drink Blackcurrant tea with lemon juice or Peach tea with few slices of peach.

I often drink English Breakfast tea in the afternoon and Earl Grey tea in the morning.

At home I also have Phuc Long rosebud tea. Rosebud only, no tea leaves. It gives a romantic light pink color. It’s perfect to serve hot with few teaspoons of condensed milk. Whenever I drink it, I always feel like I am soooo fancy *evil smile*

Are you a tea person? 😉

2 thoughts on “How many types of tea do I have at my desk?

  1. Yeah, I wish! Imagine a small corner on ground floor of the building I’m working at where people can stop by and pick for themselves a coffee or tea, or fresh baked bread 😛


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