Tet is at the corner

Time flies fast! A year just passed as a wink!

Last year I dedicated for the ocean and beaches. In December, I had a short escape to Phu Quoc island again, the 3rd time in a year.


I was so lucky to meet a big family of nudi branches. Super super cute of them!

First time ever I knew to be swept away by a strong current. Pretty terrified! And I got scratches (and scars now) by corals when I tried to go through some caves. I should have worn a full-length wetsuit. Nonetheless, I had such a great time there – 3 days for freediving from the North to the South of the island, swimming between the cloud of fishes


or swimming right between the mysteric beautiful seaweed


or like this


This year seems to be dedicated for the land! As my goals for every year basically are

  • do something never done before
  • go to somewhere never been there before

So I just got my very first half marathon medal of my very first race!


Before the race, the longest distance I’ve ever run was 16km. I was so worried and only hope that I could finish it. Finally I made it in 2h50 with very limit walking only whenever I fueled myself. It’s not bad for the first time.

A year ago, even though I was always an active person, I never thought I could ever run non-stop 10km.


You know, I’m just half crazy. I’m gonna be full crazy someday! Since only our minds limit us!

In coming months, I will be joining some fun trail races for just 10km. But for sure, it will be lots of funs and the scenes are obviously amazing.

I miss the ocean tho. Maybe I will soon get to the beach…

Another best year to come!

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. “Walt Disney”



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