Packing list for 3 weeks in Cambodia and Thailand

This summer my friend and I decided to spend 24 days in Cambodia and Thailand. We had 7 days in Cambodia and the rest in Thailand including Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Krabi. The biggest question before every trip is “What should I pack?”. I know we all have the same feeling that we want to bring our closet with us. However, if you want to travel light, maybe you can have an idea with my packing list as follows:

Main backpack

Clothing: I suggest all clothes should be dry-fast

  • shirts (all short sleeves): 5 normal, 1 sport (but it should better be 4 normal, 2 sport)
  • tank tops: 2 sport
  • pants: 1 sport knee length (for temples and pagodas or you cannot get in)
  • shorts: 1 running shorts, 2 denims
  • underwear: 7 (can sink wash, since guys can just flip inside out haha, ladies’ underwears are small and dont take much space, I ended up bring 7)
  • bra: 3 normal, 1 sport bra
  • socks: 4 pairs (or less if you don’t plan to use shoes much)
  • sleepwear: 1 (because sometimes I may use my tank top and shorts as sleepwear too)
  • swimsuit: 1
  • hat
  • towel: 1 travel towel, 1 face towel
  • shoes: 1 slippers, 1 walking/running shoes, 1 trekking shoes (because we planned to have some hiking and trekking, mine is actually a city trail running shoes). If you don’t plan to hike/trek, you may want a good walking sandals instead.


  • bandages
  • medical oil
  • pills for cold, headage, pain, diarrhea, carsickness
  • multivitamins and electrolytes (April is super hot, multivitamins and electrolytes do help us A LOT)


  • shampoo, body wash, hair conditioner in travel size
  • hair comb
  • deodorant
  • nail clippers
  • razors
  • perfume in travel size
  • toothbrush and toothpaste, floss, mouthwash in travel size
  • feminine hygiene product
  • cotton swabs
  • detergent in small bottle for sink wash or you can just use shampoo/body wash

Carry-on backpack

  • all important documentations: passport and copies, travel insurance, cash, etc
  • all electronic stuff: laptop, camera, kindle, and chargers, external harddrive, etc
  • some more stuff: suncreen, anti-mosquito lotion, hand sanitizer, tissues and wet tissues, sunglasses, scarf (in case it’s cold on plane), mini flashlight

Fins bag (for carry-on & for diving): fins, mask, snorkel

April is the hottest month in a year in both Cambodia and Thailand. In Cambodia, the temp was around 37-39 C. In Thailand, the temp in Bangkok and Chiang Mai was around 41 C daytime. The temp in Krabi was as in Cambodia. Even though we were prepared ourselves mentally for the heat but we were very tired after half day staying outside. Do keep yourself hydrated by drinking alot of water and electrolytes.

If you dont want to check in your bag, dont bring the Swiss knife. I brought my mini Swiss knife which has a mini knife, so I had to check in my big backpack.

I didn’t use the cover for my backpack. After the Siem Reap – Bangkok flight, there was a really heavy rain (but it was quick) right before the flight took off, and when I got my checkin backpack in Bangkok, it was totally wet. My clothes inside were wet too. Lesson learnt.

I ended up with 3 bags: 1 checkin and 2 carry-on including my fins bag.

I always washed my underwears and bras myself. Most of the time if I could, I also washed my shirts, especially sport clothings myself because they are fast-dry. Laundry in Cambodia and Thailand is cheap, 1kg 1usd. Sometimes there are washing machines nearby to use by coins. Very convenient.

7eleven is everywhere and has everything I need. 7eleven and Family mart are always in walking distance.

If you plan to travel around South East Asia, you may want to consider the Airasia Asean Pass. 10 credit for 30 days. 20 credits for 60 days. 1 credit is equal to 1 flight less than 2 hours. 30/60 days will start from the first redeemed flight. So it’s a must to redeem your first flight first. More information as the Asean Pass as follows:

Airasia Asean Pass

Pros: cheaper than buying individual flight tickets (remember to buy in MYR, it’s cheaper than buying in USD). The fare and fee is very cheap (4-5USD for domestic flight and about 30USD for international flight).

Cons: have to redeem the flight at least 14 days prior the flight, seats for AAP are limited on each flight. It was a bit annoying that I could not redeem my flight from Chiang Mai to Krabi. But I could redeem the flights Chiang Mai – Bangkok and Bangkok – Krabi. It took more time and effort due to all the checkout and checkin processes.

However, if you want to travel without plan, the Asean Pass may not be for you. Since it requests you basically plan your trip and book the flight at least 2 weeks before departure date. It’s kind of annoying when we all want to stay in one place as long as we want then decide where we should head to later. But I guess C’est la vie, we cannot have everything.

It’s already too long now. I will continue about my trip in another post.

Anyway that’s how I prepared for my trip and it worked for me. I hope it helps for your preparation somehow.




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