moving soon but still island life

Time flies fast. I have been in Phuket for over 7 months. I’m still in tourist mode but somewhat get used to the life here.

On the boat, the Thai people including the cooking lady and boat boys get used to my face i think. They even make fun, joke sometimes even though we have no idea what each other was talking about. I guess the smile is more powerful than word sometimes? The cooking lady always saves bananas for me and my students on the way back to mainland. The boat boys now know my short-term memory, that i often forget to wear my dive watch or forget to take the Gopro with me, even few times i forgot my snorkel T_T (i think i need a new brain, is it on sale anywhere?). They know so they even remind me to get all my stuff before jumping into water.

The girl at the bubble tea store knows me too. She knows my favorite flavor of bubble tea and i always ask for extra bubbles. Yesterday she gave me more bubbles than normal that it made me feel like i had enough bubbles for few days (i literally drink bubble tea everyday haha).

Now i know quite many coffee shops that have affogato. I know some coffee shops that have really good coffee, strong and flavorful, like Vietnamese coffee.

And now i’m about to leave this island. I’m not going to talk about why i leave, because sooner or later it will become my past. I’m eager and a bit afraid of what future holds in Panglao, Philippines. When people heard i’m heading to Philippines, people said I’m brave. I am not.

I guess I am just curious and I don’t have anything to lose.

If there is any chance you stop by Panglao, the beautiful island in Philippines, please let me know, give me a hello, i’d love to show you around.

*from a Vietnamese girl, addicted to exploring the blue with a single breath*