Nipa palm

140km on my bike on Sunday just for this 😛 New record for me! Yay!


One of my most favourite fruits! It’s served fresh with coconut water and ice. 50 cent for 1 cup. Super cheap!

On the ferry
On the ferry to cross the river

Then 40km more on open road to get to Can Gio beach. Such a nightmare for new cyclist like me!


I can’t say I like the road 😐 11143495_970903346294376_7157787872350578777_o

How a pro dealed with dirt 😀


I hate all the bridges, no matter it’s high or not!


Anyway, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey…


The beach is not nice and very crowded. Seafood is okay and not cheap. No picture for the beach!


100km-pedaling day, Sunday funday

One more time I again pushed myself to step out my comfort zone. And first time ever, 100km on a bicycle!

100km on a bicycle sounds scary but intriguing, said one of my friend who is a marathon trainer. I did it. The thing I never thought I could.

I don’t feel sore at my butt or my back, just dehydrated due to the heat. And my thumbs are painful now, don’t know why 😦

My new babe, Jeep

Welcome on board, Jeep! Lol, it’s a Jett bicycle, Jett Atom Alpha, a mountain bike for entry level. Jeep sounds quite similar to Jett so I call my babe Jeep 🙂


I ride Jeep to work everyday, 21km total. At the very first try, I thought “Wow this is the way we need to learn to live slower, enjoy every moment of life, because life is so short!”.

Tanned skin, short pixie hair, tank top and shorts, mountain bike, ride to work, need to lose 10 lbs tho, well this doesn’t look like an image of a successful woman, but I feel good about myself. I think this is all each of us need at all.